All providers

Providers are generally involved in or aware of the plan reassessment processes that will trigger the transition for existing participants to our new computer system. 

Providers will receive a notification in the my NDIS provider portal notification centre about important information, including a change to a participant’s plan reassessment date.

Providers can also identify a participant has transitioned by one of the following ways: 

  • Error messages when a provider submits a single payment claim request against the current plan period. The error message will indicate the participant has transitioned to the new system and provide advice on how to resolve.
  • Existing service bookings will automatically be end dated for the previous plan. Providers will be able to see this in the myplace provider portal report function. 
  • Providers won’t be able to create a service booking for the participant in the myplace provider portal.

Providers can view requests for service for support coordination or psychosocial recovery coach services in the my NDIS provider portal. 

To help providers prepare for their first experience of our new computer system, we have created some information packs, quick reference guides and journey maps.

Changes for sole traders depend on the types of service they provide and the level of engagement they have with NDIS systems. 

We have created a range of materials to support different types of providers to transition to our new computer system and new ways of working. 

These resources are specific to provider roles and can be found on our website. 

You can also find the information you need in the: 

We update this information on an ongoing basis. Providers are encouraged to check back regularly to make sure they have the most current information.

We will continue to support providers to transition to the new computer system through information on the website, virtual and in-person information sessions and the new provider learning environment. 

Any pricing changes will occur in the Annual Pricing Review (APR) update.

We are running information sessions for all providers – including sole traders and small businesses – to help them get ready to transition to the new computer system and to use the my NDIS provider portal. 

Upcoming event information is available on the latest events page on the NDIS website.

As support categories are flexible, participant plans will not detail specific information on assistive technology or home modifications that have been funded. 

Funding for assistive technology and home modification support categories will be discussed with participants during their plan approval or implementation meeting. 

Assistive technology and home modification providers won’t have visibility of these budgets in the my NDIS provider portal. 

Providers will need to contact the participant, their nominee or support coordinator, to confirm the approved supports. Participants and providers will work together to agree on how these supports will be delivered and paid. 

The Assistive Technology, Home Modifications and Consumables Code Guide 2023-24 outlines the general claiming rules for providers. It includes Assistive Technology (AT) Supplementary charge codes and claiming for support items where notional unit prices apply. The general claiming rules apply to single and bulk upload claims in the old computer system, and bulk upload claims in the new computer system. 

Participants or their nominees can contact their my NDIS contact or the National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110 regarding their assistive technology requests. 

my NDIS provider portal

Providers with access to the myplace portal can already access the my NDIS provider portal. 

At any time, providers can begin to familiarise themselves with the new portal by completing the learning environment modules and reviewing the tools and resources on our website. 

Any provider receiving an authentication error when accessing the my NDIS provider portal can contact our National Contact Centre on 1800 800 100 to let us know.  

We will review the provider authentication details we have recorded to fix the error. 

You should ensure:

  • Your staff members have been added as existing contacts.
  • You have linked to the organisation record you need access to.
  • You have accepted the portal's Terms and Conditions
  • You have cleared your cache, refreshed your browser and deleted cookies.

If you are still unable to access the provider portal, please call our National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110 or email [email protected] for further support. 

Where possible, provide a screenshot of the error message you’ve received. 

Providers can view requests for service for support coordination or psychosocial recovery coach services in the my NDIS provider portal. 

This error message means you don’t have consent to view that part of the participant’s plan. Visit the participant consent and viewing plans page for more information. 

These APIs have been created so developers and providers can create or integrate their tools, apps and digital marketplaces to improve how participants, providers and the NDIA all connect and work together. 

There is no cost for software developers or registered providers to use the APIs. However, there are strict cyber clearance requirements that organisations must meet to be able to access the NDIA’s API Gateway via a direct integration. 

This cyber clearance process comes with a cost. If registered providers do not wish to go through the clearance process, they can access the NDIA’s APIs via an indirect integration with an aggregator. 

More information is available on the connecting with NDIS systems page on the NDIS website.

This is a business decision that providers need to make. The information that is accessible through the APIs is also available on the my NDIS provider portal.

No. You will need to continue to use the myplace provider portal to create reports for participants whose plan has not yet moved to our new computer system.

Provider organisations can only request each type of report up to 3 times within 24 hours. This means a total of 12 reports can be requested per day. 

Once you have reached the daily maximum number of report requests, you will need to wait 24 hours to request the report again. 

You can learn how to use the new reporting features in the my NDIS provider portal in the provider learning environment. It will be updated to reflect the changes in the my NDIS provider portal shortly. 

If you are still having problems with requesting the reports, you can contact the National Contact Centre for support by calling 1800 800 110 or by emailing [email protected]

My providers

To make sure the right providers are recorded, we recommend participants tell us the NDIS provider number or ABN. This way, we can avoid any confusion between providers with similar trading names. 

After being recorded, my providers will generally be in place until a participant decides to update or change their providers. 

Participants can let us know they want a my provider in place for a set period, for example, the length of their plan. In this instance, the my provider role will be end-dated, and the relationship will expire at that time. 

Participants can make changes to their my providers at any time. 

Plan managers

Plan managers will be able to see funding for plan management fees when a participant they work with has a plan developed in our new computer system or has a plan reassessment after 10 October 2023.

Plan managers can submit requests via the my NDIS provider portal to: 

  • Support a participant. 
  • End their relationship with a participant. 
  • Extend an existing relationship. 

More information is available on the plan managers page.

We’ve improved visibility in the my NDIS provider portal so plan managers recorded as my providers will be able to see if a participant has any self-managed and NDIA-managed supports. 

We have made some changes to the my NDIS provider portal so that plan managers can now view old goals and budget information for participants with plans in our new computer system. 

Once a participant has selected their plan manager, the plan manager can request via the my NDIS provider portal to support the participant. In response to feedback from plan managers, we have improved the formatting consistency and accessibility of the ‘Relationship request tab’ in the my NDIS provider portal.

At this point in time, you won’t be able to see NDIA-managed or self-managed funding that has been exhausted in a participant’s plan.  

We will be rolling out a system update that will enable you to see this information in the coming weeks. 

You will still be able to see self-managed and NDIA-managed support categories where funding is ‘Available’ via the my NDIS provider portal. 

Participant consent

Consent is about participants choosing who they share their personal and plan information with, such as family, other people who support them, or providers.

When the participant appoints a provider as a my providers that provider can automatically see some participant information, like contact details.

Other information, like goals and what funding is in their plan can only be shared with providers when a participant gives their consent. 

This table explains the different types of information shared with different types of providers automatically and when a participant gives their consent.

Providers can also learn about consent and viewing plans in the provider learning environment.

Participants can provide their consent by using an NDIS consent form, or telling us at any time by phone, in person, or in writing.

No. Participants can give consent to share their personal and plan information with others, such as family, the people who support them, or providers. 

The consent a participant gives a nominee to support them to make decisions is different to the consent given to others, like a provider. 

Providers can learn more about consent by reading Our Guideline - Your privacy and information. 

Consent in our new computer system is recorded at the organisational level where a participant gives a provider consent to view their information. This means any staff member of the provider organisation with consent and with access to the provider portal can view this information.

Participants have choice and control over who can see the details in their NDIS plan.

Participants tell us who they consent to seeing their plan, including providers.

Providers can use the service agreement process to talk to participants about what their goals are and how they would like to implement their plan.  

General support and feedback

You can try the below problem-solving steps and if you still need further assistance, you can contact the NDIA for help.

Read the information available on the my providers webpage. 

If you can’t find a solution you can call our National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110 or email [email protected] for help.

You can email [email protected] or use our online feedback form  to share your feedback. 

To escalate an unresolved enquiry regarding the new computer system, please email [email protected]

Please note all enquiries must be first raised via either the National Contact Centre or have a payment enquiry raised prior to being escalated.  

Enquiries that have not been raised via these channels in the first instance may not be actioned. 

All payment enquiries submitted in the myplace provider portal prior to 6 May 2024, will remain in and can be viewed in the myplace provider portal.  

From 6 May 2024, providers should submit payment enquiries in the my NDIS provider portal.  

You can track the progress of your payment enquiry, in my NDIS provider portal or by calling the NDIS call centre on 1800 800 110.

If we need further information to support your enquiry, you will receive an email from us, referencing your payment enquiry number.  

You can directly reply to this email, with supporting information or to ask further questions. 

This improvement allows us to manage enquiries in a timely way and communicate with you directly.