Key points
  • We are gradually introducing our new computer system and processes across Australia.
  • We started the gradual rollout on 30 October 2023.
  • We are taking a careful approach to introducing the new system to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • We expect the rollout to take up to 18 months.

We’ve been working on how we can improve the way we deliver the NDIS.

We’ve spent time talking to participants, our staff, NDIS partners, providers and the disability community to work out the ways we can improve the experience people have with the Scheme.

To help us deliver better outcomes for participants today and into the future, we built a new computer system and improved the way we work. Our new computer system is faster to use and easier to change than our current one.

Our improved processes will deliver a consistent NDIS experience for participants across Australia, supporting them to achieve their goals.

Importantly, these improvements do not change the rules or the way the NDIS works—they will help us deliver the reforms the Australian Government and public expect to see.

We are gradually rolling out our new computer system and processes across Australia, from 30 October 2023.

Our roll out plans

The national roll out of our new computer system and improved processes across Australia is careful and gradual. 

There is nothing for applicants, participants or their supporters to do right now. When you come to the next step in your NDIS journey, we will work with you to make sure you have the support and information you need for everything to go smoothly. 

The rollout will be gradual. We expect it will take about 18-months for all participant plans to move to our new system.  

Providers can start preparing to transition to our new ways of working at any time. 

We are taking our time with the national roll out because we want to make sure everyone connected to the NDIS – participants, providers, our staff and partners – have time to prepare for our new ways of working and know what to expect from the next step in their NDIS journey. 

To help everyone get ready, we’ve shared some data that estimates how many plans we expect to approve in our new computer system over the next few months:

  Month 5 (Mar 2024) Month 6 (Apr 2024) Month 7 (May 2024) Month 8 (Jun 2024)
Expected transition of existing participants to our new computer system 8,000 16,000 32,500 40,500

Applicants and participants

Each time we work together, we will tell you which computer system your plan is in (our new one or our current one).

This way, you can be sure of what to expect from your NDIS experience and can share this information with people important to you, like your supporters or providers.

If you apply to the NDIS or receive your first plan, we will complete these activities with you in our new computer system.

If you are an existing participant and your plan is meeting your needs and you have the right supports in place, we may offer to continue your current plan.

If you agree, we will continue your current plan and wait to develop your next plan in our new computer system.

To help people with disability, NDIS participants, carers and families understand the changes our new computer system and process will bring, we have created a participant journey document. Learn more about the participant journey steps.


Providers will transition to our new ways of working, including the new my NDIS provider portal, when the participants they support have NDIS plans in our new computer system.

Each time we work with participants, we will tell them which computer system their plan is in (our new one or our existing one). Participants are encouraged to share this information with their providers.

Claims should continue to be submitted using the existing myplace provider portal regardless of which computer system a participant’s plan is in (as happens now).

From 30 October 2023, we will work with participants to develop their next plan in our new computer system.

This applies to participants who have a plan expiring and they:

  • need a new plan that is different to their current plan
  • request a change to their plan that means they need a plan reassessment.

All expiring NDIS plans will progressively transition to our new computer system.

Participants with plans that meet their needs and include the right supports may be offered the option to continue their current plan. If they agree, we will continue their plan in our existing computer system and wait to develop their next plan in our new computer system.

There are several other ways providers will know when participants have NDIS plans in our new computer system.

The FAQ section on our website has information that can help providers identify when a participant has a plan in our new computer system.

Providers across Australia can start preparing for their first experience with the new my NDIS provider portal and our new ways of working at any time.

Providers can review the guides, checklists, videos, technical information and learning tools—like walk-through tutorials— that we have on this website to help them transition.

All existing providers who access the myplace provider portal will be able to access the my NDIS provider portal using their PRODA account.

Providers can visit the my NDIS provider portal at any time to familiarise themselves with how the portal works.

Providers should continue to use the myplace provider portal to make claims and raise payment enquiries, regardless of whether a participant’s plan is in our current computer system or new computer system.