Key points
  • You have choice and control over the providers you want to work with.
  • Self-managed and plan managed participants can use registered and unregistered providers.
  • Agency-managed participants can only use registered providers.
  • If you have support coordination or psychosocial recovery coach services in your plan, we can use the my NDIS portal to ask providers to work with you.

What is a provider?

When you become an NDIS participant your NDIS funded supports, products and services will be delivered to you by a provider. 

Providers can be a person, business or organisation. They can be large companies, charities, small not-for-profits, sole traders, or any other type of business. 

Providers help you work towards your goals. They may need to understand what your goals are and how they can help you. You can decide if you want to give consent for your providers to see your NDIS plan.

Once your plan is approved, it is time to find the providers in your area that offer the services, products and supports you need to pursue your goals.

Choosing a provider

Your NDIS local area coordinator, early childhood partner or support coordinator can help you find the right providers to meet your needs. 

You can also research providers and their services on the internet, check reviews, get advice from friends or family and speak with different providers. 

You can use our provider finder tool to find registered providers in your area. We also have some tip sheets on our website that will help you find, choose and decide about the providers you want to work with.

It’s a good idea to meet with new providers before you start working with them.

Service agreements

Once you have chosen the providers you want to work with, we recommend having a written service agreement. A service agreement is an agreement between you and your provider that makes it clear to what you have both agreed to. 

You are now ready to start working with your chosen providers to deliver the supports and services funded in your plan.

Requests for service

If you have support coordination and/or recovery coach services in your plan, we can help you by checking with the providers you choose to see if they can work with you. We call this a request for service.

If you:

  • Are choosing a support coordinator or recovery coach for the first time.
  • Want to change the provider you have.
  • Want to keep working with the same provider.

You can tell us:

We will use our new computer system to send a request for service to the providers you choose. We will send this request even if you are an existing participant and want to keep working with the same provider on your new plan. 

Providers will have 4 days to accept your request for service or let us know they aren’t available to work with you. After 4 days, your request for service will be sent to the next provider you’ve chosen. 

Support coordinators and recovery coaches have to accept the request for service to get paid. Even if you are already working with a provider, if they don’t accept the request for service they can’t claim from your plan. 

After your provider accepts the request for service, they will be recorded as my providers on your plan.

Fraud and non-compliance

Fraud and non-compliance include many different activities, but their impact on participants, their families and support networks can be significant. 

Knowing the difference between fraud and non-compliance can help participants and providers to do the right thing. 

It can also help with what to do if you think something has gone wrong, or someone has done the wrong thing.

Learn more about non-compliance.

Learn more about fraud.